Coffs Harbour Liquor Accord Inc Terms

The following voluntary terms were voted upon and adopted by the Coffs Harbour Liquor Accord Inc under Section 134 of the Liquor Act 2007 on 19 February 2014. The agreed date of implementation is 19 February 2014.  They were last updated on 11 August 2021.

These terms will be undertaken by the members of the Coffs Harbour Liquor Accord Inc (as detailed in the attached table), for the purpose of eliminating or reducing alcohol-related violence or anti-social behavior or other alcohol-related harm in the Coffs Harbour Liquor Accord area.

Members of the Coffs Harbour Liquor Accord Inc will:

  • Adhere to an agreed door policy / code of conduct
  • Adhere to a 2:00am lockout on all nights
  • Adhere to the accords standard barring policy or multi-venue barring policy
  • Promote and use the ‘fail to quit’ resources available from the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing
  • Agree to no shots (or any drink designed to be consumed rapidly) from 12am on all nights
  • Agree to no doubles from 12am on all nights
  • Agree to no “ready to drink beverage” containing an alcohol by volume content of more than 5% from 12am on all nights
  • Agree to no more than four (4) alcoholic drinks being sold or supplied to a patron at one time after midnight.
  • Agree to no more than two (2) unconsumed drinks per person.
  • Cease the service of alcohol 15 minutes before close on all nights for on premise licences.
  • Support and promote the nightrider bus
  • Actively encourage restaurants participation in the accord
  • Not permit any patron to remain on licensed premises who is wearing any form of clothing, jewellery or other accessory that displays or infers by form of words, colours, logo, symbol or otherwise that they are a member of a prescribed group such as Bandidos, Black Uhlans, Coffin Cheaters, Comanchero, Finks, Fourth Reich, Gladiators, Gypsy Jokers, Hells Angels, Highway 61, Life & Death, Lone Wolf, Mobshitters, Nomads, Odins Warriors, Outcasts, Outlaws, Rebels, Scorpions, Notorious and any similar group.
  • Conduct litter patrols of streets bordering a member venue and in the immediate vicinity during venue trading hours
  • Ensure all security wear high visibility security vests when operating on roadside footpath areas
  • Participate in workshops conducted or organised by the Accord
  • Support the high school education program
  • Support a secondary supply campaign
  • Adhere to the crime scene preservation requirements as outlined by the NSW Police
  • Agree to “Barred from One Barred from All venues” initiative
  • Agree to “Caught Drinking U18 … Barred until you are 19” initiative

During the Coffs Cup, members of the accord will annually review and adhere to:

  • The agreed Local Licensing Agreement set out by venues and the local Police
  • The alcohol management plan

By agreeing to this terms document, the signatory (the licensee) agrees to uphold the above terms, in addition to any license conditions already in place.

Last reviewed & amended: 11 August 2021