Coffs Harbour Liquor Accord

The aim of the Coffs Harbour Liquor Accord is to continually improve community safety by reducing alcohol related harm in the Coffs Harbour local area.

  1. Reduce alcohol related harm
  2. Reduce alcohol related crime
  3. Improve the safety and security of the environment
  4. Reduce the economic and social alcohol related costs to the community
  5. To promote and assist staff in the practice of responsible service of alcohol in all licensed premises
  6. Support the responsible consumption of alcohol by the community to maintain legal requirements
  7. Management of harm resulting from excessive consumption of alcohol is a complex issue. The Accord was founded on the belief that a coordinated and cooperative approach to the problems will deliver the best outcomes for all parties ‑ local licensees, Police, licensing authorities, the local Council, local businesses, health services, as well as residents and visitors to the area.

The Accord recognises that harm associated in and around licensed premises results from a range of factors that include alcohol related anti-social behaviour.

The project has implemented a series of strategies that are designed to improve alcohol related issues in the Coffs Harbour local area. These strategies were implemented by coordinating actions and establishing partnerships between groups, including state and local government, local businesses, community organisations and residents. Ongoing consultation with stakeholders will aim to create new projects or improve on existing projects so as to ensure a pro-active approach to alcohol related issues in the Coffs Harbour local area are addressed.

The Accord recognises that there is a commitment to an education process, but does not exclude the need for enforcement where necessary, irrespective of membership of the Accord.